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A Yoshi.

Yoshies (Yoshi) are epic enemies in the game, A Koopa's Revenge. They are Mario's loyal sidekicks. There are many variations of Yoshies which come in different colors and have different abilities. Yoshies can be defeated by jumping on top of them, shooting fireballs or flamethrowing them.


Yoshies are dinosaurs and are commonly green, but some are in different colors. Yoshies have a big eyes and noses. They also have scales at the back of their head. Yoshies wear saddles on their backs and wear reddish-brown shoes.

In A Koopa's Revenge[]


Yoshies have different abilities depending on their color. Some have similar ablities compared to others. Some are rare. Here is a complete list of Yoshies found in A Koopa's Revenge, based on their color and ability:

Green Yoshi[]

The Green Yoshi is the most common yoshi seen in the game. These Yoshies walk back and forth in a certain area, having the same abilities that of a Toad.

Pink Yoshi[]

The Pink Yoshies are highly known for their speed. They run at a very high speed and distance in wide, open areas, they cannot stand properly.

Cyan Yoshi[]

The Cyan Yoshi (or the Light Blue Yoshi) are winged so they fly back and forth. These yoshies are very useful in crossing a gap.

Yellow Yoshi[]

The Yellow Yoshies jump back and forth.

Purple Yoshi[]

The Purple Yoshi share the same abilities with the yellow yoshi, however, they don't move while jumping.

Brown Yoshi[]

The Brown Yoshi doesn't move unless Koopa is in their sight. They chase after him

Red Yoshi[]

The Red Yoshi has the ability to walk on lava. It is also immune to fire.

Blue Yoshi[]

The Blue Yoshi is also winged so it shares the same ability with the cyan yoshi, but does not fly back and forth. They can be used to jump higher.

Rainbow Yoshi[]

The Rainbow Yoshi is a special and rare kind of yoshi. They hide in secret or hidden places. When defeated, they lay a Yoshi egg.

In A Koopa's Revenge 2[]

In this game, they all behave like a Fungi Beetle (albeit being slightly faster). There are four colours which don't affect their movement. They take 2 hits to defeat with them getting even faster after being hit once. In this state they are known as a Yoshi Jr.


  • Stomping on a Yoshi only once and not stomping on it again will still let you get the Switzerland Badge!
  • Yoshi was the first enemy created
  • A green Yoshi is shown getting punched in the face by Morton Koopa Jr. before he got turned into a star on the title screen
  • In the original AKR Yoshi's Sprite Sheet had a white yoshi. it is probably for the rainbow yoshi or it was a scrapped variant