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Wario, in A Koopa's Revenge

Wario is an enemy boss from the game, A Koopa's Revenge. He is the first boss encountered in the game and is found at the end of Bowser's Castle 3. As part of the story, he kidnapped one of Koopa's friends. Wario is a good friend of Waluigi, who is confirmed not to be brothers with Wario.


Wario is a character in the ??? (idunno what series we talkin about pls edit) series who first appeared in ??? (idunno what series we talkin about pls edit). ... Wario was played by Robert Jennings. He is also currently a main character in the series. Wario is depicted as a chubby, cranky, bad-tempered, tightfisted and foul-mouthed anthropomorphic being.


Wario attacks Koopa by running very fast and rolling into him. He also attacks by going inside his control room which he uses a cannon to throw fireballs.

How to Defeat

Wario attacking Koopa with fireballs

In this battle, Wario will run very fast around the whole room and can hit Koopa if he runs past him. Koopa can attack Wario only when he is running by jumping on him at the right time. After running, Wario will go inside a control room at the right side and shoot out fireballs which harm Koopa, but can also be dodged. Wario will go out of the control room and run around the whole room again. Wario will do this routine repeatedly until he is defeated. Every time Koopa inflicts damage, Wario's speed will increase. After jumping on Wario a 5 times (research lol) he will be defeated.