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Umbreltar (or "Fungumbrella" in 2.0) is the third boss in A Koopa's Revenge II. He is a purple umbrella found in World 3-4 or "My Name is Jonah", inside the bowels of a giant whale. He requires 3 hits (jumping on him) to defeat, or a whole barrage of fireballs, hammers, bones, or lightning bolts.


  • He will jump at your position to impale you.
  • He will summon acid rainfall and ascend to the top of the screen, gliding left and right in a random pattern to get you caught in the corrosive raindrops. Follow his pattern to stay out of the rain.
  • After the acid rainfall and having gotten hit twice, he floats in the upper middle of the screen, closing and immediately afterward shooting a thin red laser from left to right.
  • He will spin similarly to a top on the ground to try and lacerate you. Once he stops spinning, Umbreltar will be dizzy and vulnerable. Jump on him or attack by other means while you have the chance.



  • In the 2.9 Beta (When umbreltar did not have the blue stripes) Classic Umbreltar's Spinning design did not have a blur.