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The Training Level is a level in the game, A Koopa's Revenge. It is a short level that was made for players beginning the game. The Training Level is actually just a small fort near Bowser's Castle. In this level, the player is taught how the basics and controls. It is an optional level which doesn't need to be cleared in order to proceed the game.


In the first room, Koopa is taught on how to jump and collect coins. Koopa makes his way through a door to reach the second room. Here, Koopa learns to do a run-jump and runs over gaps. Koopa then goes down a green pipe to reach the third room. When Koopa has his shell, he learns to hit bricks with his head to grab the coins. The level ends automatically after going through the last door.


  • The music (Mushroom Kingdom theme) that plays in this level is the same music that plays in the Mushroom Forest.