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A Toad

Toads are common enemies appearing in A Koopa's Revenge. They appear in levels and often alongside Yoshies. Toads are mushroom retainers, the assistants of Princess Peach. Toads usually just walk back and forth, some can easily be defeated by jumping on top of them, some can be defeated with fire. 


Toads are mushroom-like people and appear to look young. They wear a white, round cap with red polka-dots resembling Mushrooms in the Mario series. Toads are pale-skinned in general and wear blue vests and brown shoes. Their necks and legs can't be seen.

In A Koopa's Revenge[]


Toads, just like Yoshies, have different variations but only a few compared. Here are the different kinds of Toads seen in the game:


A normal Toad which is the most common type. Just like a Yoshi, they walk back and forth, however, if they're defeated with fire, they drop a coin.  

Skeletoad []

An undead Toad made up of all bones. These Toads are invincible, they cannot be jumped on nor be defeated by fire.


Mummitoads are only found in Dry Desert. They are invincible when it comes to physical moves so incinerating them with fire defeats them.