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The Sun/Moon HATES You is the twelfth level of A Koopa's Revenge 2, or AKR2 for short. This is the only level that features the Angry Sun (day) and Mad Moon (night).


  • There is a secret pathway that leads to World 0-1.

To get to said pathway, at the beginning of the third part of the level, go to the left. You'll find some quicksand. Behind it is a green pipe. Enter it, and you'll be underground. Complete the section (part of it reminiscing Flappy Bird), and then you'll see the exit.

(This requires a Spiny Flower.)

To find her, at the very beginning of the level, go left. You will see some quicksand and two orange pipes. Don't focus on the pipes. Focus on the pipe hidden inside the quicksand. Now, with the Spiny Flower, spindash through the bricks and collect the star with Wendy's face imprinted on it.