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A Switch Palace is a short level where a very large P-Switch of a certain color can be found, depending on the color of the Palace visited. Switch Palaces are only found in A Koopa's Revenge II, but if you were looking for the small blue button labelled "P-Switch" from A Koopa's Revenge, then click here.

In certain levels of the game, secret goals lead to one of the three Switch Palaces in A Koopa's Revenge II. Pressing the Switch at the end of the palace will activate blocks of a certain color based on the same color of the palace and Switch itself. It will then serve as a solid block, and, depending on placement, serve as a helpful platform to make levels easier.

Colors & How to find them

Yellow: 1-2

Green: 2-A

Red: 3-2

Blue: 4-2

Pink: In the top right corner of every switch palace


  • The Blue switch looks like the !-Switch from a koopa's revenge 1.