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The Super Secret Level is a hidden level in exclusive versions of A Koopa's Revenge. It can only be played on the creator of the games website. (MCSM Studios/Lambtaco Games) You can find this level by playing Level Two of Dry Desert.

Once you enter the level, enter the door to your left.

Dry Desert.jpg

Once you open the door and are taken to the next room, go left again and you'll have to jump on top of the blocks that you see here.


Once you do that, jump to your left (it would be safe to use the Wing Feather) and keep holding the space bar down. You should eventually find this hidden door. 


Go into the door and there will be Bowser Coins all around you. Go on top of the blocks and proceed to the right side. Once you get there, you'll see a yellow pipe. Once you go inside the pipe, you cannot exit back to the main world unless you game over or you beat the level. It is highly reccommended that you do the XY Trick on the Stage Select. (Pressing X and Y at the same time gives you 100 lives) the level looks like the Mushroom Forest level. Don't be decieved by it, it is incredibly hard. There is a hidden door right beside the pipe that leads you to the next area. (You must press the upward arrow key to open it)

Hidden Door.jpg

Now, once you open it, you will be taken to this area here


You will want to go up to the right but be careful, you want to try and go as long as possible without hitting anything. Once you get up there, hit the Blue Switch then proceed to the left side to get to the Green Pipe at the top.

Once you get through the pipe, you will be taken to an area full of fire-bars and fire-balls. You need to be incredibly well timed to get through this part. It is easy to lose your Wing Feather. Once you get there, there will be a door on top of a fire-bar. Make the right timing, and enter the door. Once you do, you will be sent to a castle like room with a lava wall being hurled at you from the left side of the screen. You will need to get through the area as fast and as careful as you can. The hardest part is right after you get through that pipe.

You will need to traverse the fire-balls that are blocking your path. Precise timing is needed. Once you manage to get through that area, you are brought to a refreshing area full of coins and 1-Ups. The coins spell out "YOU ARE SUPER!" and once the trail of coins is done, the goal flag will be waiting for you.


AT LEAST THAT'S WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE HOPED! When you open the next door, you are greeted by more fire-ball pattern mazes... Luckily there is only one of them. Eventually, you will stumble upon a boss door with a Check-Point Flag and Fire-Flower beside it.


Open up the door and you are greeted by Mario himself in his mech suit with some kick-ass music playing that even after all these years has been etched in my head.


Now. This fight is exactly like the Mario fight from Mario's Castle Level 3. However, the Robot-Hands are stronger. Even though the chest is weaker. You have to be careful in this new arena, because unlike the previous boss battle with Mario, you have fire-bars, fire-balls, and lava on the terrain. It's still an easy battle if you are more experienced however.

Once you beat him, there will be an arrow made of coins pointing you to the right.


After going over there, you'll see clouds that will lead you to the ending flagpole where you can then successfully, beat the Super Secret Level. 

Once you beat the Super Secret Level, there really is no reward for it. You can simply access the level again whenever you want through the stage select screen.

Super Secret.jpg

Trvia: *The only way to access this Super Secret Level is by playing the Lambtaco Version which is exclusive to http://lambta.co/a-koopas-revenge/ follow the link if you'd like to try it out for yourself.

  • The Super Secret Level was largely unknown until a YouTuber by the name of Catobat posted a video on it 6 years ago. His video has 2,586,009 views as of the time this is being typed. He wasn't the first to find it however. A YouTube channel named marjosonic appears to be the first person to have found the Secret Level (On YouTube that is) He posted his video about 8 and a half years ago and only managed to get 57,883 views.