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Sky Mountains in-game map

The Sky Mountains is a location in A Koopa's Revenge. It is the third world that Koopa passes that follows after Mushroom Forest. The Sky Mountains are located at the northern-most part of the map. The area consists of two mountains next to each other, its level theme has snowy and icy features with a beautiful sunset. The doors here look like as if it were parts from an ancient relic. Sky Mountains have many floating platforms which make it difficult for Koopa to jump across. When Koopa clears this area, he will gain access to Dry Desert.


Sky Mountains consist of three levels. The boss is found within Sky Mountains 3.

  1. Sky Mountains 1
  2. Sky Mountains 2
  3. Sky Mountains 3

Enemies found in Sky Mountains


  • The music that plays in Sky Mountains is the Rainbow Road theme from Mario Kart. It is also heard in the Power-Up Pipe.