Saladro:The second boss in Akr2

Screenshot of Saladro. Note that this was an older version of himself.

Saladro is the second boss in akr2
Screenshot 2019-10-08 at 1.35.55 PM

A screenshot of the temporary 2.0 version of Saladro, which is a Mega Mushroom.


  • Flailing his arms to attack the player
  • Launching tomatos at the player
  • Releasing carrot spikes around his chest
  • Blowing gusts of wind
  • Trivia:
  • he Is the final boss in Malinbos first game, Scoop the blob of ice cream
  • If you use the wing cap you can easily defeat him by staying air born when he blows you away
  • If you have the super leaf or the tanooki leaf power up outside of the desert temple you can fly up to the top and skip the level
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