A Koopa's Revenge Wiki

Power-Ups are special abilities used by Tyriqa, Kirby, and Hand

Tyriqa's Revenge[]

Koopa has a few power-ups:

  • Fire Flower: Gives Koopa the ability to breathe fire!
  • Green Shell: Gives Koopa his shell back if he lost it.
  • Magic Feather: Gives Koopa wings.

Tyriqa's Revenge 2[]

The Player has more power-ups than in Tyriqa's Revenge. When the player uses power-ups that let them throw projectiles, they can angle the projectiles upwards or downwards.

  • Chocolate: Replaces the Green shell from the previous game. it behaves the same way, Gaining the player's Standard appearance back.
  • Hot Sauce: Gives the player the ability to shoot fireballs. If used in the water, the fireballs turn into balls of smoke that travel upwards. The smoke balls turn back into fireballs if they leave a body of water.
  • Mango: Gives the player the ability to fly, slow their descent by holding jump, and perform wing attacks. To fly, players must fill the P-meter by running and mashing jump when it is full.
  • Dragon Fruit: Same as the Mango, but the player can change into a statue with it by holding down and pressing run. The statue transformation lasts as long as the player holds down. The player's wing attacks can also break bricks, unlike the Purple Leaf.
  • Pineapple: Gives the player the ability to jump on spiked enemies such as Piranha Plants and Spiked Toads. In addition, they can charge a dress spin from a standstill by crouching, holding S (A on gamepad) and releasing it. If the player jumps on enemies that normally require multiple jumps to die, those enemies die in one hit.
  • Watermelon: Gives the player the ability to swim faster and in multiple directions. It also increases the player's traction, prevents them from slipping on ice, and allows them to gain height by wall jumping against the same wall, in a manner akin to Mega Man X.
  • Potato: Gives the player the ability to shoot small thunderbolts that can break bricks and turn enemies into coins. It can defeat enemies that the Hot sauce cannot.
  • Coconut: Gives the player the ability to throw hammers that can defeat armored enemies like Steve and Beetles.
  • Macerel: In the daytime, the player is immune to fire and acid. Lava will be quicksand, and acid will be water. In addition, the player can also throw boomerang-like projectiles. In the nighttime, the player can throw purple fireballs that travel in a wavelike pattern and will not turn into smoke in water. The levels will also reveal their secrets, and Ghosts and Boo will not harm the player. This is the only ability where the player changes abilities in a certain time of day in-game.
  • Super Steak: The player Becomes invincible for a short amount of time.
  • Double Chocolate: Gaining two Chocolates gives the player extra power.

What the Characters look like:[]

The characters change on what power-up the player has.


  • No Powerup: Tyriqa wears nothing, but a skirt
  • Chocolate: Standard
  • Fire Flower: Tyriqa has an orange-red dress
  • Mango: Tyriqa gains wings and a purple dress.
  • Dragon Fruit: Tyriqa resembles the ender dragon.
  • Pinapple: Tyriqa has a spiky red dress.
  • Watermelon: Tyriqa gains goggles with a blow tube and a blue shell.
  • Potato: Tyriqa has a yellow dress with a black outline and evil eyes.
  • Coconut: Tyriqa resembles Titana.
  • Macerel (Daytime):Tyriqa resembles skeleton princess.
  • Macerel (Nighttime): Tyriqa wears a white dress and has a boo-like face.
  • Double Chocolate: Tyriqa has a brown shell.


  • No Powerup: Hand resembles Baby Hand
  • Chocolate: Standard
  • Hot Sauce: Hand gains a red color
  • Mango: Hand almost resembles a harpy eagle from southern Mexico through Central and South America
  • Dragon Fruit: Hand completely resembles a harpy eagle
  • Pineapple: Hand has sharp nails.
  • Watermelon: Hand becomes an octopus.
  • Potato: Hand becomes a robot.
  • Coconut: Hand resembles the Ender Dragon from Minecraft, she also turns into a dragon egg when rolling
  • Macerel (Daytime): Hand resembles the horror character, Freddy Kreuger.
  • Macerel (Nighttime): Hand is white and doesn't have a torso and has a creepy look.
  • Double Chocolate: Hand is completely brownish. She also references a Kinder Surprize Egg when Crouching


  • No Powerup: Kirby covers his face.
  • Chocolate: Standard
  • Hot Sauce: Kirby resembles Fire Kirby.
  • Mango: Kirby is pink and wears a cape
  • Dragon Fruit: Kirby resembles Meta Knight
  • Pineapple: Kirby resembles Needle Kirby
  • Watermelon: Kirby becomes Scuba Kirby
  • Potato: Kirby becomes Spark Kirby
  • Coconut: Kirby becomes Hammer Kirby
  • Macerel (Daytime): Kirby is the main character from the newgrounds game Little Nightmares
  • Macerel (Nighttime): Kirby becomes Ghost Kirby
  • Double Chocolate: Kirby is brown

The Mikey Mod[]

In this mod, you either play as Mikey, JJ, or Craftee. Power-ups are swapped out, but they still give you abilities. You can play as either of the YouTubers after you beat the game.