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The Power-Up Pipe

The Power-Up Pipe is a location found in A Koopa's Revenge. It is accessed by clearing the level, Pipe Passage, which can be entered from the secret pipe. The purpose of this area is based on its name, it is used for Koopa's supply of power-ups. The green shell, the fire flower and feather can be obtained from any of the two ? Blocks.

The area is entered and exit from the center pipe. (as seen in the picture)


  • This area similar to the Top Secret Area in Super Mario World/Super Mario Advanced 2. The 'Top Secret Area' is also accessed by a secret way and has the same purpose as the Power-Up Pipe.
  • The music that plays is also heard in the Sky Mountains and is the theme of Rainbow Road from Mario Kart.
  • This is the only other location that rains aside from Mushroom Forest 2.