Screenshot of Popmo.

Popmo is a grape-flavored can of soda and the first boss of A Koopa's Revenge 2, located in W1-6, Mario's Villa.
Beta Popmo

Popmo's Beta Design.

Attacks Edit

  • Popmo leaps into the air, trying to stomp on the player and crush them.
  • He fires a ball of soda in your direction.
    • He sprays his soda everywhere, flooding the arena and slowing movement.
  • Popmo flips himself upside-down and fires a pressurized blast of soda, rocketing into the air and past the top of the screen. He'll try to make his impact an impact with you, so try to stay out of his path when he lands seconds later by tracking him with the bubbles of fizz floating down from his position. once he lands, he'll be dazed, so try to hit him then!
  • After Popmo takes damage, he falls onto his side and unfurls bladed spikes, proceeding to roll back and forth around the arena.
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Trivia Edit

  • He and the four other object bosses were both stolen and enchanted by Mario, who was cloaked while performing both actions.
  • Popmo was originally designed as a can of grape soda. However, when Lambtaco was complained to about the lack of the Mario theming, it was changed to resemble a Mushroom in an update. The old version is still accessible in settings.
  • At the start of the level you can go to the back of the stage and access an invisible door. there will be floating platforms that take you to Popmo instantly while also collecting tons of coins.
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