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Piranha Shrooms are enemies which appear in A Koopa's Revenge 2. They are two fungi with a toothed mouth which go in and out of pipes.


The Piranha Shrooms are toothed fungi which reside in pipes. They are easily scared as they will not emerge their pipe if Koopa is a space or less near.

In A Koopa's Revenge

Piranha Shrooms do not appear in A Koopa's Revenge.

In A Koopa's Revenge 2

Piranha Shrooms appear in A Koopa's Revenge 2 as the A Koopa's Revenge counterpart of Piranha Plants. They behave just like Piranha Plants and are almost Piranha Plants.


The Piranha Shrooms have barely any variants. For the scrapped Phantom Piranha Shroom, see A Koopa's Revenge 2/Scrapped Enemies.

Green/Red Piranha Shrooms - Behave just like Piranha Plants.

Jumping Piranha Shrooms - Jump out of their pipe and then float slowly back in.

Giant Ghost Piranha Shroom - Acts like a normal Piranha Shroom but is bigger and scary-looking, only one appears in the entire game as it only appears in I Ain't Afraid o' No Ghosts during the Nighttime as it replaces the Smaller Ghost Piranha Shroom.