Screenshot 2019-09-05 at 7.38.20 PM

A Pipemo in the air.

Pipemo is an enemy that has only appeared in A Koopa's Revenge 2. They disguise themselves as regular pipes and as soon as the player gets too close, they ambush by lunging at the player in an attempt to damage them. After they've revealed themselves, they'll charge back and forth, only turning around after hitting a wall. They're immune to stomping and projectiles and spin attacks using the Flight Petal or Dragon Scale simply make it bounce a short distance into the air, all of which do not damage it in any form. The only way one could ever hope to defeat a Pipemo is by either squishing it using the weight of the Dragon Scale's statue form, letting it charge into the depths of a pit, or running into it while under the effect of an Invincibility Star.

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