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Peach, in A Koopa's Revenge

Peach (also known as: Princess Peach or Princess Toadstool) is an enemy boss in the game A Koopa's Revenge. She is encountered by Koopa at the end of the level, Mushroom Forest 3. She was involved in the kidnapping of one of the Goomba friends in the story. Peach is also in-charge of the Mushroom retainers.


Peach, as she appears in the story

Peach wears a golden crown and has long, blonde hair. She wears a royal pink dress, with a peach belt and also wears red shoes.


Peach has the ability to levitate herself, which she does in-battle. She throws evil mushrooms which can hurt Koopa.

How to Defeat[]

Peach, tossing down mushrooms at Koopa

Peach is battled in a magical flower garden in between two trees, below a connecting branch. She floats her way through the garden, from left to right, and then she attacks by throwing evil-looking mushrooms at Koopa. She will do this until she is defeated. Koopa can inflict damage by jumping on a grown flower and jumping on top of her only while she is floating. Peach can easily defeated when Koopa equips a blue shell, which makes him jump higher, without the help of a growing flower. After a few hits, Peach will be defeated.

A KOOPAS REVENGE 2. In this game story a page says and he soundly defeats peach