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Mushroom Way is the eighth level in A Koopa's Revenge 2, or AKR2 for short. It is the second athletic level in the game.


  • There is a secret pathway at the end of the level that leads to 2-5, where the boss fight of Saladro takes place.

To get to the place, near the end of the level, with the Flight Petal or Dragon Scale, (you can use Space Jump too, though it's not nearly as efficient, plus it is harder to use) go below the platform where the flagpole is standing. Make sure you have enough P-Power or you'll most likely fall to your death. There, the other flagpole will be waiting for you.

  • Behind the other flagpole is a 3-up Moon.
  • You can find Morton Koopa in this level.

(You will need a Flight Petal/Dragon Scale. Space Jump and Water Flower works too.)

To find him, in the beginning of the level, find the first two donut blocks you see (there is a platform down there for you to land on). Then, continue going right until you find an orange pipe. Enter it, and you will be led to an underground section. Go to the end of said section and jump onto the green pipe. Now, using the mentioned power-ups above, climb up the wall. Keep going to the left and you'll eventually find a star with Morton's face imprinted on it.