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The Rainy level

Mushroom Forest 2 is a level in A Koopa's Revenge. This is the second level of Mushroom Forest and the fith level overall. The theme of this level has changed from clear, starry sky into a rainy night. Mushroom Forest 1 preceeds this level and will be succeeded by Mushroom Forest 3.


Koopa starts by jumping on a few ? blocks over a gap reaching a blue switch to trigger a temporary bridge. Across it leads Koopa to the next area. There is a shortcut behind where Koopa starts, he just needs to hit the Invisible Blocks that will let Koopa have access to the other side of the wall. A secret pipe is found which leads into the halfway point.

Next room, Koopa encounters more enemies and hops some more gaps. Baby Mario is seen near the door.

Here, there are two pipes that need to be jumped across. Baby Luigi is being guarded by a dashing Pink Yoshi. Koopa must step on the flying Yoshi to reach the pipe.

There is a Bowser coin that can be reached with correct timing of the alignment of the coin and the flying Yoshi. Koopa has reached the mid-flagpole. Another Bowser coin is floating very high near the opening of a pipe.

In this area, Koopa finds Baby Wario and there are some blue coins as well. Koopa needs to go down the first pipe to access the next place.

Koopa jumps across this room, hitting some Yoshis and flying enemies, reaching the next room.

Now there are pipes with one enemy standing on each. Koopa must be careful or he might hurt himself or accidently fall here. Baby Waluigi is sitting on the fourth pipe. After making it through the pipes, Koopa can grab another Bowser coin and run up the stairs and reach for the Flagpole.


  • This is the only level in the game that features rainy weather, however, the Power-Up Pipe (which is not a level) also has rainy weather.