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The two leaf doors

Mushroom Forest 1 is a level in A Koopa's Revenge. It is the first level of Mushroom Forest and the fourth overall. It is a long level with more enemies than in Bowser's Castle. At the halfway flag point, there is a left and a right door which has two completely different paths. This level marks Koopa's first arrival into the forest. This level is preceeded by Bowser's Castle 3 and succeeded by Mushroom Forest 2.


Koopa is under a platform where a Toad and Baby Mario can be found. There are some ? blocks in between the gaps and some enemies near the 'leaf doors.'

Koopa enters a room that involves alot of jumping. Yoshis and Fire Balls are seen here. A Bowser Coin is found in the lava.

In this area, Baby Luigi is seen down below. A Yoshi is guarding a bunch of ? blocks. More gaps start to appear. A Bowser coin is on a tiny floating platform up high. The door to the next room is finally reached. However, a hidden door can be found if Koopa jumps high enough on the other side of the wall.

If Koopa took the hidden door, he would end up in a small area with a Rainbow Yoshi. Koopa now reaches the mid-flagpole and comes across two doors.

Left Door

The left door leads Koopa to a room wher Baby Wario can be seen. Then the next door brings him to a room with many ? blocks with a few enemies in it. Baby Waluigi is in this area. When Koopa enters the door, the Large Flagpole is already in front of him.

Right Door

The right door takes Koopa to a room with a few enemies. A Bowser Coin is floating above a Birdie. The next room has a few gaps in it, Baby Wario is sitting on a small platform. Next room has gaps that Koopa can run over and Baby Waluigi is seen here. Last room has a few more Yoshis, gaps that can be ran over and the Large Flagpole at the end. There is a 1-UP mushroom at the top of the stairs.


  • The Rainbow Yoshi is first encountered in this level.
  • The Feather power-up is first found here.