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The Mushroom Forest in-game map

Mushroom Forest is a location in the game, A Koopa's Revenge. It is the second world in the game Koopa passes through and it is the area that follows after Bowser's Castle. The Mushroom Forest is located on the western-most part of the map, just above Bowser's Castle. The theme of the levels here is like a magical forest that is set in a starry night. One of the levels feature rainy weather. Instead of doors, there are leaves that form an opening that leads to the succeeding rooms in this forest. All of variations of Yoshies are found in this world. The feather power-up is also found here for the first time. When Koopa is done exploring the forest, he moves on to the Sky Mountains


The Mushroom Forest

Mushroom Forest has three levels, excluding the Super Secret Level which is optional. Mushroom Forest 3 contains the area's boss.

  1. Mushroom Forest 1
  2. Mushroom Forest 2
  3. Mushroom Forest 3
  4. Super Secret Level

Enemies found in Mushroom Forest


  • The music that plays in the Mushroom Forest is a remix of the Mushroom Kingdom theme from Super Mario.
  • The Super Secret Level is hidden in the forest.