A Koopa's Revenge Wiki

A screenshot of Monstario.

Monstario is a form of Mario. He is the Final Boss if all Special Coins aren't collected. In order to defeat him, the player will have to wait until he stands on a crack on a bridge causing him to fall.


Monstario can punch the ground to send out spikes, and if the player is close enough to Monstario, he jumps up towards the Player. If the Player is not close enough for Monstario to lunge at, he sends Fireballs into the air and may also shoot a laser. If the Player stands behind him, he will fart causing the Player to fly off the bridge.

How to Defeat

Monstario will surprise the player and the player must lure him to the crack in the bridge. When the Player goes too far, he will throw fireballs that rain down onto the bridge, punch the ground to spawn moving spikes, or shoot a big laser. The player must stand close to him to make him lunge. He will repeat these moves until He is on the cracked part of the bridge.


  • Monstario will be immune to any attacks the Player uses against him. The only way to kill Monstario is by luring him towards the cracked part of the bridge.
  • If the Player uses the Bone Petal, it will make the player immune to fireball and fire laser attack, but not the spikes.
  • If the player goes to the left pipe (which they used to exit Mario's castle and reach the bridge), Monstario will surprise the player just like he did before the battle began.
  • If you gain enough speed with the cape-feather and manage to get behind Monstario, he will fart and send Koopa off the side of the battlefield. The same feat can be executed if the player uses Rush Coil or Space Jump. (Don't believe me? Try it out.)