A Koopa's Revenge Wiki

Medals are badges that can be unlocked in newgrounds. if you have an account

How To Get

  • Baby Crusher - Kill all 4 babies in a level
  • Compulsive Gardener - Pluck every veggie and destroy every weed in Garden oasis
  • Happy Faic - Unlock 11 flower faces by collecting 5000 coins
  • Projectile Power - Kill a boss with any power-up projectile (Monstario And Final Confrontation Mario Cant die of the projectiles.)
  • One Of Seven - Get 1 koopaling star.
  • Switch Master - Activate all switch palaces (You can get this badge when not pressing the pink switch.)
  • Switzerland - Beat A Level by not killing a enemy or getting hit.
  • Tuna! - Kill 50 Dolphins in a single play session.
  • 96* - Use every single level exit (Flagpole, Gate, Keydoor & Roulette)
  • Refrence Q. Moneybags - Get all 41 flower faces
  • SML2: Seventy-Five Silver Coins - Collect every silver coin
  • Complete Septet - Get every koopaling star.
  • Donut Plains Ghost House - Unlock The hidden power-ups stage
  • Looks Familiar - Enter Retro
  • The Bloodening - Use the blood code (ABACABB)
  • What's a GAME OVER? - Get the ∞-Lives Mushroom
  • Destructo Jump - Activate The Screw attack
  • Dizzy Jump - Activate The Space Jump
  • I hope you're ready for a beating! - Find Dan Hibiki Normally (Boss Rush Does not count)
  • Robot Dog or Prog Rock - Get the Rush coil cheat
  • Tanooki Proxy - Press the pink switch
  • THE END - Beat Final Confrontation Mario


  • There is 22 Badges you can get.
  • Refrence Q. Moneybags Is the hardest medal to get.