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Mario in A Koopa's Revenge 2.

Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and the main antagonist in the A Koopa's Revenge series. He is the final boss of both games.

Mario in A Koopa's Revenge (1)[]

In the Final Battle against Barbie in this game, she has stole Grizzelda's robot suit (Grizzelda previously built that suit, just to attract the whole rainbow kingdom.). She has 2 phases. To trigger the second phase, you must destroy both arms. To defeat her completely, you must destroy the body. It is easy if you have a fire flower with you.


  • She will swipe her arms at the side of the arena.
  • She will swipe her arms at the side, moving them swiftly towards you. This is the best chance to strike.

Phase 2[]

  • She will fire the letter Z from the suit's mouth.
  • She will fire her torso, which can be hit to deal damage to her.
  • She will send a snake of spikes in the arena.

Mario in A Koopa's Revenge 2[]

In the sequel, Barbie has a wizard robe that you see at the beginning of each boss fight. She uses the wand she has to convert each bad luck sign or object (an echo dot, a queen bee, an umbrella, a Sackperson and a musical note) into their respective boss forms. In Barbie's Castle, she will take off the robe and generate fireballs to attack you. To move on to the next phase, you must grab the axe so that Barbie falls, then she throws herself to the next part of the battle.

There are 4 parts:

  • The bridge from the original SMB (Super Mario Bros)
  • A row of moving platforms over a bottomless pit
  • A pool of quicksand over a ground of spikes
  • And a (not-straight) piano.

Then after all that, you proceed through a pipe leading to the roof deck. When you see a green pipe, walk near it to trigger the next part of the final battle. This time, she has somehow transformed in to Barbie Kong, Tj's version of Barbie. She is impervious to all attacks. To defeat her, you must lead her to a part of the arena where there is a crack, and let her fall through it. She will fall on spikes and presumably die, though after the credits it is revealed she is not truly dead yet. If you try to exit through the pipe you came from, she will crush that too, trapping you until you die or beat her.

Barbie Kong's Attacks:[]

  • She punches the floor, sending spikes towards the player.
  • She will fire a massive laser that must be ducked under.
  • She will make fireballs rain from the top of the screen.


She will snap the loose part of the floor and fall towards a set of spikes.

After you defeat Barbie Kong, she will escape towards the nearest exit a book isn't already guarding, or, if you've rescued all the books, to the giant exit that leads to the Final Confrontation. Gather every silver coin in the game to discover the true final battle, Final Confrontation Barbie.