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Luigi is Mario's younger brother and also appear as an enemy boss in the game A Koopa's Revenge. He is encountered by Koopa at the end of the level, Dry Desert 3. He appears alongside with Mario who involved kidnapping one of the Goomba friends in the story. Luigi is also in-charge of the Dry Desert.

Luigi as he appears in the level.


Luigi's wardrobe is similar to Mario. The difference is he wears green from his shirt and cap. As his logo-cap is letter 'L'.


Luigi's ability is based off his SMW moves. As he shoots fireball like Fire Luigi(himself) did.

How to defeat

As Luigi was appeared inside the pyramid, he first attacks with fireball to Koopa. If Koopa hits him at the first hit,Luigi will runs back and forth as soon he throws fireball(and stops). If Koopa miss/attempts to hit him, he runs back and forth until the Koopa is forced to hit him. After he runs back and forth, he will jumps back and forth, same as his previous move. As soon as he stops jumping, he will move back and forth again until he stops and throws fireball again. If the Koopa can manage to defeat him by jumping over him many times without any missed, Luigi will be defeated.


  • It is canon that luigi died in the AKR2 Story