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A level is a stage or area in A Koopa's Revenge. In a level, there is a flagpole at the end which Koopa needs to pass in order to complete the level, except for the boss levels. At the end of each world, a boss awaits Koopa. In A Koopa's Revenge, there are a total of fifteen levels (sixteen with training level included; eighteen with the super secret level and pipe passage). 

Levels in A Koopa's Revenge[]

The map of A Koopa's Revenge, showing all the levels

World 1: Bowser's Castle[]

World 2: Mushroom Forest[]

World 3: Sky Mountains[]

World 4: Dry Desert[]

World 5: Mario's Castle[]


Levels in A Koopa's Revenge 2[]

World 1: Golden Grasslands[]

World 2: Dancing Desert[]

World 3: Sonic The Sea[]

World 4: Matter Mountain[]

World 5: Castle Barbie[]

World 0: The Secret[]