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King Yoshi is a new boss introduced in Version 2.5

King Yoshi changes from green to red depending on how much HP he has left



A Koopa's Revenge 2- New King Yoshi Boss - No Damage

  • King Yoshi will jump trying to crush koopa.
  • King Yoshi's Tounge Can Stick to walls. and can hurt koopa
  • King Yoshi Will Throw his crown to attack you. and brings the crown back.
  • King Yoshi will flutter jump and try to crush koopa. While landing. He will make the ground's bumps attack you.
  • King Yoshi will use an egg. while the egg breaks. it releases a star-like enemy.

How To Unlock

The old boss room.

You can unlock and fight him at the Crashed Airship after killing Mario and getting God Mode and going to the boss rush.