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King Yoshi is a new boss introduced in Version 2.5

King Yoshi changes from green to red depending on how much HP he has left



A Koopa's Revenge 2- New King Yoshi Boss - No Damage

  • King Yoshi will jump trying to crush koopa.
  • King Yoshi's Tounge Can Stick to walls. and can hurt koopa
  • King Yoshi Will Throw his crown to attack you. and brings the crown back.
  • King Yoshi will flutter jump and try to crush koopa. While landing. He will make the ground's bumps attack you.
  • King Yoshi will use an egg. while the egg breaks. it releases a star-like enemy.

How To Unlock[]

The old boss room.

You can unlock and fight him at the Crashed Airship after killing Mario and getting God Mode and going to the boss rush.