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A screenshot of the twenty-second level in the game, Jolly Toy Factory, which is where Burgerstein's boss fight takes place.

Jolly Toy Factory is the twenty-second level of A Koopa's Revenge 2, or AKR2 for short. This is also where you can fight Burgerstein, the fourth boss of the game.

Powerups/Items Edit

This level consists of the following powerups/items:

Enemies/Boss(es) Edit

This level consists of the following enemies/boss(es):

Trivia Edit

  • Here's a short cut: At the start, you will see three 16 weight tons. Jump on top of the last ton you see and press up. You will go into a little challenge. Making it to the end will take you outside the boss door. As soon as you enter the shortcut, if you wall jump on the two walls you will find another door and two random boxes. Entering the door will take you to a room with one Mini Mario. You can also get the screw attack here.
  • There is a purple block in the stage that can only be destroyed by using the Mini Mario explosion. These blocks are only seen in this stage.
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