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I Ain't Afraid o' No Ghosts is the third level of the second world in A Koopa's Revenge 2, or AKR2 for short. It is the first ghost house level in the game.


  • There is a secret pathway in this level that leads to World 2-Special.

(if you have the Boo Flower then this will help considerably.)

To get there, when you reach the beginning of the third part (or second if you're aware of the fake spike wall), roll and then jump at the right time. There is a hidden platform below the second shown platform.

Enter the hidden door, then enter the other door shown. Finally, go left, grab the key (get on top of the roof of the ghost house and jump to the platform where the key is, or use the Space Jump ability or Flight Petal/Dragon Scale) and walk up to the keyhole.

  • You can find the Rush Coil in this level.

To find it, at the beginning of the level, enter the first door. Then, enter the hidden door by the first circling Ghostlets/Ghostmos you see. Next, jump to the right. There will be a platforming section filled with Petite Goblins and Goblins themselves. Grab the Rush Coil near the end of said section and climb down the vine.