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Goomba is a character that appears in A Koopa's Revenge. He was depicted as the damsel-in-distress in the first game since him and the other Goomba friends needed to be rescued. He was a non-playable character in Tyriqa's Revenge but is said to be playable in the sequel since he is an ally with Koopa and Shy Guy.

In A Koopa's Revenge:[]


Goomba had a birthday party that was crashed by Mario and his gang in the game. With that being done, Koopa went on and took revenge on Mario to defend the Goombas. In the end, Goomba and the rest of his friends were successfully rescued byKoopa.

Goomba with his friends during his birthday party.


Gooma is a armless character who appears to be similar to a fungus. He was seen wearing a party hat along with the other Goombas during his birthday party.

In A Koopa's Revenge 2[]

Goomba joins Shy Guy and Koopa to save Bowser, becoming playable. He is only playable in the lambta.co and newgrounds version alongside with Shy Guy