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Not to be confused with the level

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Screenshot of the Final Battle.

Final Confrontation Mario is the Giant form of Mario and the Final Boss in A Koopa's Revenge II. You cannot access the fight that easily, as you need to collect ALL 75 Special Silver coins to make this fight accessible, which means you'll spend a few hours with cheats (or not if you're a pro) going through 5 worlds. You also need to collect all 7 Koopalings and redo the Castle Mario stage and boss. When you enter the stage, Mario, as big as a mountain, punches the top of the castle and the floor you are standing on. The boss fight now begins. To defeat him, you need to send 3 Bob-ombs to his nose. The more red his nose is, the more you know you're winning. During the fight, mushrooms will drop from the top of the screen to aid the player in the fight.


•He will punch across the screen.

•He will fire a laser from his hand.

•He will fire a lazer from his mouth. (I'MMA FIRE MY MEGA BALL!!)

•He will spit out 2 Bob-ombs from his mouth. Throw either of the bob-ombs to deal damage to his nose..


•When Mario destroys the floor, if you look closely at his stomach, you can see a hole. If you beat him, you will gain God Mode. (Look at the Cheats Wiki for more details on what it does.)

•His grave says: "RIP YOU BIG FAT JERK"