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Falling Water is the fifteenth level of A Koopa's Revenge 2, or AKR2 for short.


  • There is a secret exit in the level that leads to the Red Switch Palace.

(You may need a Water Flower for an easier experience.)

To get there, at the beginning of the level, go down the second pipe that doesn't have a top on it. Then, you will be led to an underground section with water on the bottom. Get on the platform.

Once you reach the end, where there is free space under the terrain, swim under it, and there will be another pipe right on top.

Enter through it and you will be led to a vertical platforming section. Do your usual platforming and you'll make it there.

(You will need a Water Flower in order to proceed.)

To find him, near the end of the second part of the level, once you reach the logs that you usually need to platform up to the pipe, stand on a log and let it go down. Eventually you will see an orange pipe. Enter said pipe, and you wil be led to an underwater section.

Now, remember the water flower I mentioned earlier? Yeah, there's a current that prevents you from getting to the koopaling, and the Water Flower is the only way to bypass it.

Anyway, if you do happen to have it, then swim through the current and collect the star with Iggy's face imprinted on it.