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Nearly identical to the Flight Petal, the Dragon Scale allows you to fly if you run without losing momentum, charging the P-Meter. The difference between these two Power-Ups is that the Dragon Scale will permanently replace the Flight Petal once it is unlocked, following the dialogue: You have released the Great Andesine Dragon from eternal slumber. With gratitude, the dragon transforms Flight Petal into Dragon Scale.

Although the two Power-Ups are very much so the same, the Dragon Scale packs more power by granting:

  • Shorter P-Meter charge time and longer flight duration, allowing for better aerial mobility.
  • Spin attacks are capable of breaking bricks.
  • The ability to transform into a Great Andesine Dragon Statue (Koopa), an 8-ton weight (Shy-Guy) or a Thwomp (Goomba) for defense and offense in a manner similar to the Tanooki Suit from the Super Mario franchise.

Great Andesine Dragon


A Koopa's Revenge 2 -Obtaining the Dragon Scale.0 - Hidden Secrets

Editor's Note: Oh boy, I did not upload this right... It was meant to just be "Obtaining the Dragon Scale", but this did NOT go right! If anyone could at least try correcting it? Also, credit to the original uploader for this short video.

The Great Andesine Dragon is a Wyrm, a limbless and wingless dragon with the power of flight. Named after the pinkish-red gemstone, the Great Andesine Dragon was subdued in an eternal hibernation before the events of A Koopa's Revenge II, until it was found as the Andesine P-Switch and freed from its never-ending slumber. Out of gratitude for it's newfound freedom, the Great Andesine Dragon soars high into the clouds and flies in a figure-8 shape, spreading it's scales throughout the valley and granting Koopa, Shy-Guy and Goomba its power.