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Screenshot of him

Dan is an optional boss in A Koopa's Revenge 2. The player must go all the way to Castle Mario while beating the minimum amount of levels possible or not pressing a single switch, and when he/she enters the boss room Mario will be replaced with Dan Hibiki.

In 2.9 You have to beat the main 5 bosses (Popmo ,Saladro ,Umbreltar ,Burgerstein & Flying Spaghetti Monster) While Not pressing a switch, you need the flight petal/dragon scale and bone flower.

Dan can be defeated with a single stomp or a powerup projectile.

He originates from the Street Fighter series as a joke character in which he was designed as a parody of rip-off characters.


  • Dan is one of the bosses in Boss Rush so the player can fight him anytime without starting a new game
  • Dan has a animation when he defeats you. some bosses don't have that.