A Koopa's Revenge Wiki

The Crashed Airship, known as World 1 - Crashed Airship in the overworld map, is the area you spawn in when starting a new game.


Because this stage isn't a traditional one, there isn't much platforming, excluding the tutorial.

The player can go through the tutorial, change their character, select music to listen to (which needs to be unlocked first by collecting silver medals) and check how many koopalings they have.


The Crashed Airship has a koopaling hidden - Larry. The player needs to go through the entire tutorial without exiting it. Once finished, the player should either wall jump, fly using the petal or power flower or use the space jump cheat to get on top of an orange pipe and use it, getting on top of the Airship.

Once in the hidden area, the player should continue until they spot Larry. Simply touch him and use the pipe hidden at the end of the location to return to the music room with your first koopaling.