Screenshot of Burgerstein.

Screenshot 2019-09-13 at 12.12.23 PM

A screenshot of the temporary 2.0 version of Burgerstein, who resembles a King Mushroom.

Burgerstein is a giant burger-headed Frankenstein and the 4th boss in A Koopa's Revenge II. He is found at the final stage of World 4, at the Jolly Toy Factory. To defeat him, you can either use his minions (called Sliders) and throw them at his head, or use powerups and throw the projectiles at him (he cannot get hurt from fireballs however).

Defeating him grants access to World 5.

Attacks Edit

•He will fire a fireball from his hand to try to burn you to a crisp.

•He will slam the ground, causing debris to fall from the ceiling.

•After taking a certain amount of hits, from there he will fire a barrage of fireballs from his body as part of his attack patterns.

•He will toss a minion at you. Pick up his minion and then throw him at his head to deal damage. You need 5 hits to defeat him.

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