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Bowser's Castle 2 is a level in A Koopa's Revenge. It is the second level of Bowser's Castle and second overall. The level contains many gaps which Koopa must jump across, along with flying Yoshis and Birdies. The theme of this level is set to look like as if Koopa is in the depths of the castle. It is preceeded by Bowser's Castle 1 and succeeded by Bowser's Castle 3 .


Koopa starts on a small platform that is inside a room with many gaps. As Koopa leaps over the gap, he finds Baby Mario near the door to the next room.

The room that Koopa enters is again filled with more gaps. The flying enemies are there for Koopa to hop on to reach the other side. Baby Luigi is found on a high, small 'L' platform. There is a Bowser coin at the bottom of a gap near the door, Koopa can reach it by activating a hidden blue switch which triggers the blue coins to temporarily act like a bridge. Koopa can now grab the Bowser coin in the gap, however, he must grab it quickly so he won't fall.

The next room has many Yoshis and toads. Koopa hops across the place and scurries through the door.

Koopa enters a room with a huge gap. Luckily, the flying enemies are there to bridge Koopa. Once Koopa crosses, he finds the Flagpole checkpoint and runs through the falling Thwomps. Koopa enters the next room.

As Koopa moves, another Thwomp falls down on him. Koopa notices the Bowser coin where the Thwomp is. He can grab it by jumping on it when the Thwomp falls down. Another one is found floating above a small gap. Baby Wario is found on a high ledge. Another Thwomp stalls Koopa as he almost reaches the door. There is a 1-UP mushroom seen above the door which can be reached by hitting an invisible block. A second door is found where the mushroom was found.

Koopa then enters a room with many Thwomps. Avoiding them all, a Bowser coin can be obtained in the gap with the help of the flying enemies.

This room marks the last as Koopa avoids the Thwomps once again, encounters Baby Waluigi and goes for the Giant Flagpole. Koopa may now proceed to Bowser Castle 3.