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The boss rush is a location that can be unlocked in the crashed airship when defeating all bosses. and when entering the door. your powerups & cheats will be disabled. you can choose what power-up you want and the dragon scale & bone petal can be used only 1 time.


Boss Room Colors[]

  • Pompo's Is a light green & purple hue.
  • Saladro's Is a Lime
  • Burgerstien's Is a Grey & Yellow hue.
  • Spaghetti Monster's Is a Brown-gray & Orange hue.
  • fire Mario's Is a red hue.
  • Monstario Is still the same as fire mario's boss room
  • Dan's is the same as mario.
  • Yoshi King's Is A Magenta & Orange hue. the backround is the thunder woods peach forest.
  • Final Confrontation Mario is still the same.


  • The Boss rush door in the 2.9 Beta did not have an outline. Yeah
  • GoldenWhen completing the boss rush.

    When you complete the boss rush. bowser is actually seen other than the fake ending when beating monstario.