A Koopa's Revenge Wiki

The boss rush is a location that can be unlocked in the crashed airship when defeating Final Confrontation Mario. When entering the door, your powerups will be removed and cheats will be disabled (including Rush Coil). you can choose what power-up you want and the dragon scale & bone petal can be used only 1 time.

Available Items

Koopa can pick 2 items to bring with him before the first fight. If Bone Flower or Dragon Scale was chosen, Then Koopa cannot pick a second item

In the rest room, There are 3 items if Koopa needs a new item. A fire flower, A mushroom, and a Flight Petal


Boss Room Colors

  • Pompo's Is a light green & purple hue.
  • Saladro's Is a Lime & Dark Lime hue.
  • Umbreltar's Is a Purple & pink hue. the background is still the whale insides.
  • Burgerstien's Is a Grey & Yellow hue.
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster's Is a Brown-gray & Orange hue.
  • Mario's Is a red hue.
  • Monstario Is still the same as mario's boss room
  • Dan's is the same as mario.
  • Yoshi King's Is A Magenta & Orange hue. the background is the thunder woods peach forest.
  • Final Confrontation Mario is still the same.


  • The Boss rush door in the 2.9 Beta did not have an outline.
  • When you complete the boss rush. Bowser is actually seen other than the fake ending when beating Monstario.