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The Bone Petal/Boo Flower is a power-up introduced in A Koopa's Revenge 2.

The Bone Petal/Boo Flower is a power-up that consists of two different powers, changing between them depending on the time of day.

During the day, the Bone Petal allows the player to throw boomerang-like projectiles that can hit enemies and collect coins, walk in lava like its quicksand, swim in acid as if it was water, and become immune to fire and acid based attacks, such as fire burners, Umbreltar's acid rain, and most of Mario's and Monstario's attacks. In Bone form, Koopa wears a Dry Bones' skull and throws bones, Shy-Guy takes on the appetence of the protagonist from Dad 'n Me, a game on Newgrounds, And throws buzz saws, and Goomba wears a hockey mask, carries a machete, and throws axes, all in reference to famous horror villain, Jason Voorhees.

At nighttime, the Boo Flower turns the player into a ghost, letting them shoot flying fireballs, float through the air similarly to the Flight Petal or Dragon Scale, see invisible and fake objects (i.e. invisible platforms, fake walls, invisible doors), get hints to secrets in levels from Boos, and become immune to attacks from ghost enemies, such as Ghostmos and Boorios. In Ghost form, Koopa gets Boo-like facial features, Shy-Guy becomes a Boo-Guy, and Goomba loses their torso and gains Boo-like facial features.

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  • In older versions. the Bone Petal worked as the Hammer Flower. tossing the projectiles in an arc rather than throwing them like boomerangs.