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Baby Sisters are similar to the ones seen in the Om Nom's Island series and the game B&S Partners In Time. They appear in almost every level except for the switch palaces and the very first level. The Baby Sisters can be killed very easily, even flicking them will count. Kill all 4 of them to obtain a 1-up.


Tyriqa's Revenge[]

Four babies will appear in every level hidden somewhere, They can hurt Tyriqa if she touches one of them. You can earn bonus points depending on how many you killed in a level

A Koopa's Revenge 2[]

Like the first game, Babies have been renamed to Baby Sisters. and cannot hurt Tyriqa. They can be killed in several different ways. Kill them all to get the Baby Crusher badge and a 1-UP!



  • The Test baby looks similar to SBG4. because of the baby (itself) it is a recolored Barbie.