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A Koopa's Revenge III: Mutiny, known also as AKR3 or simply as A Koopa's Revenge 3, is an upcoming game in the A Koopa's Revenge series.


Not much is known about the plot, other than there is a mutiny in Bowser's forces.

The game is also said to have multiple endings, determined by which world you have played before the final one.

we do know that bowser jr. does not exist in this dimension, however the koopalings will play some sort of a role.


The gameplay most likely will resemble the one of AKR2, but there will be instead 4 characters, this time with unique designs and a world map functioning similarly to the one of SML2.

There will also be unique features, such as a Lakitu Shop and characters being affected differently by the same powerups.




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Some brand new enemies are most likely going to be added. A candy corn like enemy will appear in the game.


  • All the characters will have different attacks. With the Fire Flower powerup, Koopa will breathe fire and Piranha Plant will shoot a fireball that bounces off walls. It is unknown what Goomba and Shy Guy do