A Koopa's Revenge Wiki

There are some unused/scrapped enemies appears in A Koopa's Revenge II. They were used to be appeared in developement version but they are scrapped in the final game.

Unused Ghost House Enemies[]

There are unused enemies in some ghost houses. they can be seen in old footage.

  • Phantom Toadlet - A Unused variation of a toadlet. they are often seen in video footage and is unused.
  • Phantom Shroompoint - A Unused variation of a Shroompoint. the enemy is also seen in video footage and is unused.
  • Phantom Shark - A Ghost variant of sharky the whale. the way it works that when appearing on-screen. a scream sound effects plays and the phantom shark charges at you. this was scrapped because it was not intresting.

Scrapped Enemy Designs[]

  • The Fungi Beetles had a blue top instead of a green one. it was changed because of blending in the backround.
  • Pompo Looked Diffrent. and did not use the main jump attack.
  • A Older version of normal & jumping piranha shrooms appeared rounder. it was scrapped due to looking like a piranha plant that will be a playable character in AKR3.