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A Koopa's Revenge 2 (also known as AKRII or AKR2) is an online platform game developed by and published by Lambtaco. It is the sequel to A Koopa's Revenge, was released on September 16, 2014 through Lambtaco's website lambta.co and Newgrounds (categorized as Hop n' Bop),


"Upon returning from the little koopa's room, our hero finds Bowser's birthday party in disarray and many friends kidnapped. Seeking revenge, he takes on Wario and rescues the first of five goomba friends. Then in the woods, he soundly defeats Princess Peach. Atop an icy mountain, Koopa takes down Waluigi and his Dastardly Doom Drill. In the Great Pyramid Koopa comes face to face with Luigi, and bests him in battle. With four of five goomba pals rescued he has only one place left to go... Mario's Castle. Where he finishes off his previous foes once and for all. Koopa's next confrontation takes an unexpected turn as Mario appears in a giant mechsuit. But technological advantage proves no match for Koopa's desire for revenge. Just as the celebrations begin they're cut short by the unexpected departure of an airship. An airship with Bowser on board as a prisoner. Thinking quickly, our stalwart hero commandeers one of Bowser's nearby airships. The enemy ship speeds toward a distant continent with Koopa's ship trailing behind. He closes in on the enemy just as it nears the new land. Without warning the enemy ship reveals its weapons and fires. And this is when our great journey begins."

- A Koopa's Revenge 2, story.


The player has to control Koopa, Goomba or Shy Guy to progress through linear levels to reach the goal. Jump over pits or gaps to avoid losing lives and stomp on enemies to defeat them and bump blocks to find items(power-ups) and collect these to gain power. To move or progress, depending on the control settings the player uses, the directional keys are utilized to enter doors, pipes and climb ladders.


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World 1

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World 5