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A Koopa's Revenge is an online game created by MCSM Studios/Burgerstein. 

It was released on January 29, 2006 on Newgrounds. Since it was a popular game, it was also found on different numerous websites. The game features Koopa as the protagonist as he goes through different worlds and reach Mario's Castle so that he can take him on to get his revenge.

Gameplay + Controls

The goal of each level sees the player controlling Koopa in order to go through different worlds and levels until he reaches Mario's Castle. The controls of Koopa involve the arrow keys, which allow him to move; the spacebar to jump and fly; and the Control keys, if held while moving, Koopa can run. The control keys allow Koopa to run as well. The controls are varied depending on Koopa's power-ups. In most levels there are baby versions of the Mario characters in certain areas. If all four (Baby Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi) are defeated, Koopa will gain an extra life. 


After the party, Koopa embarks on a journey to go to Mario's Castle and have his revenge. He starts out in Bowser's Castle and battles Wario. He then proceeds to Mushroom Forest and defeats Peach. He continues on to the Sky Mountains and Dry Desert and defeats Waluigi and Luigi. After defeating the gang, he rescues all his Goomba friends and searches for Bowser. Finally he reaches Mario's Castle and after a long battle, he defeats Mario but still fails to find Bowser.







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Exclusive Version

The 'original' or the exclusive version of A Koopa's Revenge can be played on MCSM Studios' website. It differs slightly from the beta version which only has two differences:

  • Coins have the letters 'M, C, and S' on the exclusive version, while the coins are left blank on the beta version.
  • The Super Secret Level is only available on the exclusive version.


A Koopa's Revenge II is to serve as the sequel to the game. It was originally an April Fool's rickrolled' joke but MCSM Studios decided to work on it. It is currently nearing completion. However, no confirmed release date has been set as of now.